Center Founder

Brother Denis has a B.A. in social sciences and a M.A. in education from St. Mary's University. He also was awarded a Masters in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a Masters in religious education from Loyola University in Chicago.

Having served as a high school teacher and administrator, Brother Denis has also been a campus minister at Lewis University and Bethlehem University in Palestine. He has taught courses in theology at St. Mary's University and Lewis University. A co-founder of Su Casa Catholic Worker, Brother Denis served as a co-director of the house of hospitality and served on staff until he relocated to coordinate services at Bethany Catholic Worker in Winona, MN.

Brother Denis has also been a counselor at the De La Salle Blackfeet Middle School in Browning, Montana. He has facilitated retreats for various age groups as a staff member of the Christian Brothers Retreat Center in Plano, IL. While at the Center, Denis served as outreach director and logistics coordinator for the Center. He also consulted on curriculum development, worship facilitation, and was co-instructor in seminar sessions.

Most recently, Br. Denis participated in the Christian Peacemaking Teams training in Chicago and has served as a peaceful, mediating presence in various areas of conflict in the United States.

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