What should I bring to the Darst Center?

A primary focus of the Darst Center is simplicity, so please bring as little as possible.

Necessities include:

  • Clothing appropriate for your length of stay - mindful of simplicity
  • Personal items
  • Closed-toe shoes, a requirement for some sites
  • A reusable bottle for drinks
  • Perhaps a snack

**Linens, towels, blankets are provided.
Cell phones and i-pods are allowed, however discouraged

What are the rooms like?

The rooms are small but house at least one bunk bed in each; the rooms typically must be shared.

Can we bring snack food?

Sure, bring it, share it, enjoy it, but in the dining room only.

Should we bring money?

Some extended stays include time to visit more touristy areas of the city and require you to use your own money for any purchases. In such cases, it is a good idea to have at least some money.

The Darst Center has a small gift shop including t-shirts ($15 short sleeve, $20 long sleeve), bumper stickers ($2) and Guatemalan fair trade products from Heart of the Sky Fair Trade.

What is the neighborhood like?

We are in a residential neighborhood of the city known as Bridgeport. It is a fairly quiet and safe neighborhood.

How do we get from site to site?

Transportation to and from sites is the responsibility of the group moderator. We recommend using public transportation for at least a portion of the retreat (requires the purchase of transit cards at the added expense to the group) but using vans or small buses certainly expedites travel.

For additional questions, please do not hesitate to call. We can be reached during regular business hours, 9am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday at 312.225.3099 or via email at info@darstcenter.org. 

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