Our Mission

The Br. David Darst Center provides unique learning and immersion opportunities that explore issues of social justice through the lens of Christian social teachings of peace, justice and respect for human dignity and the environment. We seek to inspire a responsive, active faith, a commitment to serve, and a passion for social change.

RE-THINK: Things the Doctor and His Companions Taught Me about Service
October 4, 2017

Welcome back to RE-THINK, a blog where our staff members will be sharing their. Continue reading

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Urban Immersion Retreat

The Urban Immersion Retreat provides a unique opportunity to explore issues of social justice as they are confronted by urban ministries.  As service-learning programs seek new partners, the Darst Center is one to consider.

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What We Do

The Darst Center strives to create a space to have honest conversations about the world around us and the way we engage with it.  Where are we perpetuating injustice and where are we confronting it?

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How Can You Help

"Without you, we are...not."  Not.  Nada.  Nothing. The Darst Center continues to be built by many , seeking collaboration on all fronts, knowing that the best work is always done together.

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